The Coward

The Coward

I found him lying there on the floor
He did not breathe
Looked around but to my chagrin
I was surrounded
By a scene of morbid despair, suffering souls
And I waited for the knife to find me

But luckily I was alone
Escape, pretend you were never here!

I run, make sure there?s no-one around, don?t make a sound
I beg my body to stay off of the ground
Oh, do you realize just what you?ve done?
Oh, I knew
Will I ever mention her name?

I am a coward but I?m alive
I am so sorry I?m still alive

So I go back, I taste the horror I stare blankly
Don?t know where to begin
The smell consumes me
One by one I cover them all, say my goodbyes
Then I slowly find my way into the night

Only this time I?m not alone
You had your chance but it?s over now!