Up Anddown
Barrio Boyzz

Hey there lady, i'm the man for you
And i have a plans for two
And they're gonna start right now
Hey there lady, you've won my aflecction
And our direction
Will be up & down .

Cuz' you know how we do (up &down)
When it's me and you (up & down)
We go up & down (up & down)
And round and round we go (up & down)
Cuz' it only take two (up & down)
And that's me and you (up & down)
To go up & down (up & down)

Hey there lady you know
I'll be near so lay you're body here and no one will intervine,
Come on baby
It's like a video
We've take the light down low
And you're the star of this love scene.


Turn around
Baby here i come (i'll be there)
Show no fear (hold you near)
Fell my body (next to yours)
We'll go up & down like a see - saw (like a elevator)
Up & down (goin all around)
All around
Baby i know that it can't
Be wrong when it's me and you
We go up & down, up & down baby