Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v

Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v

Fly, fly high my black eagle
Let the golden thread bind our eyes
May our minds and hearts blood unite

On your wings carry me over the abyss
Beyond the reason and across the burning seas
Then with your claw tear the earth! (to the halves)

And usher me into the secrets of her bowels
Dawn to the light of the beggining
And the end which shimmers

Circle round and round my black eagle
Let our senses be touched by ultimate pleasure
May the passion of hunting become all (devouring)

Slash, slash with your beak
Remove all gods from my way
And thoughts and sorrows
And let me trespass the barriers of fear

Scream, let the whole cosmos tremble
May echoes become my sweettest mantra!
Spirit of freedom eternal wanderer joyful solitude

Higher and higher
Towards the stars of awareness
Let the world of imagination and fact become one
I am you, and you are me!