Lucifer (Inglês)

Lucifer (Inglês)

I'm the dark one, god's flame among the gales,
flaying away moaning - like deaf bell of the north
In mountains gloom I Ignite the red dawn
with spark of my ache,and star of my impotence

I'm king of comets -- my soul's ruffling
like desert dust into aerial pyramid --
I'm storm's thunderbolt -- but more silence than tomb
I'm hiding corpseness and odiousness of my graves.

I - abyss of rainbows - but I would mourn upon me
like ice cold wind between pond's withered canes
I - glow of volcanos - but through muddy plain
I walk, like funeral, with Boredom and Mourning

The see is playing harps - billows the heaven's fire -
and sun - My enemy sun! Rises hailing god.