Deceitful Brownskin Woman
Blind Lemon Jefferson

Deceitful Brownskin Woman

There's a brown across town : and she's taller as a sycamore tree
That's the gal'd walk through the rain and snow : for to ease that thing on me

Brownskin girl is deceitful : till she gets you all worn down
She get all your pocket change : she going drive you from her town

Went home last night : found a note in my brownskin's door
Daddy *stay long* has got your room : man you can't live here no more

I [begun to walk, commenced walking] : walked till my feet got soaking wet
Trying to find good home mama : man I ain't found none yet

Well the sun's going to shine : in my back door some day
Ah it's one more drink : going to drive these blues away

Lord it's heavy?hipped mama : and the meat shakes on the bone
Every time it shakes : it's a sign my baby's home