Struck Sorrow Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson

Struck Sorrow Blues

I'm going away : now don't you want to go
I'm going to stop at a place : I haven't never been before

I ain't got no watch : I ain't got no *China spoon*
Reason I'm hanging around here : man I'm sticking here dry long so

If you got a sweet woman : you better love her while you can
For your heart strike sorrow : when I come back to town again

I lie down last night : rolled from side to side
Say that the blues ain't on me : but things ain't going on right

I drink so much whiskey : I travel in my sleep
For that brown across town : I declare she is worrying me

I believe I'll sing this song : ain't going to sing no more
Going to leave town : and hang crepe on your door