Entering Solitude

Is there something you can do
Do you see the seasons pass you by
Can you feel the emptiness
You're left alone but still you wonder why
Walk on blind, you may find the truth
That lies within your own deceit
Now forgiveness has been gone
But leaves you incomplete
Knowing things will never be the same
A light that shines will guide you through that day

Holding on to me, going everywhere
I'm going nowhere fast
Holding on to me, never comprehend
Any hope for me at last
Holding on to me, when the time is up and I rest for good
Holding on to me, when the mind is getting crude, I'm entering solitude!

Was it worth to sacrifice
When your life is now growing cold
Please despite your beliefs for now
It's not only yours to hold
Is this the answer to all of your sins
So you've been told the end is near
Without warning it came inside
But you're way too strong and will not disappear
A change from within brings a smile to your face
Get back from the start as there is no time to waste