Breathe in, breathe out, every rule I break every soul I take
Sweet caress but dead surprise, the fire sleeps but burns inside
From the cold, to the flame, you dare to tell me lies and bury me alive
What's deep in my soul, keep you forever mine, until the end of time!

You watch me die another day, an endless price I had to pay
I feel the heat on my face, but it's alright, yes it's alright
What you see beyond my mind, the flames fade to the other side
My scars are burning bright, it's alright, now it's alright
Firesoul, I'm coming over it, I'm about to forget
All those who cheat and lie, will now be crucified

You fooled my soul's desire, now a frozen heart and a soul on fire
I feed your flesh but my hands are cold, while bearing down my firesoul
My chance to be reborn, the devil in disguise turned my dreams into lies
My sudden faith is all in vain as I taste reality again
There's no wisdom without end, the light
Seems to shine but all the pain is mine
I'm down on my knees, with open arms begging please

The fire kept my soul awake, I'm lost but found another way
All the words that kept me blind, that's alright, yes it's alright
Now your sins will prevail but now you're open to the pain
For all the secrets that you keep, that's alright, yes it's alright