The World To See

The World To See

This is the moment that takes the pain away
Your faith remains unbroken, no matter what they say
Bring light into the darkness, see the world through different eyes
Like night and day your life will change when our worlds collide

They always knew just what to say
Don't let the truth now be the one that you have to pay
Open your eyes and take a look around
You better pick yourself up off the ground

These casting shadows are hunting you and me
We close our eyes but want the world to see
Inside the shadow and every night and dream
We close our eyes but want the world to see

You've realised they speak in tongues, whom are they talking to?
Play dead, never speak, that's what you like to do
Meanwhile you hold me close - I can't explain just why
Somewhere along this life we both have died inside

I don't expect them to apologize
You better stand with me or stand aside
Are you free enough to never breathe again
Pick up ourselves and throw away our soulless skin