European Unity
Brutal Attack

You know our nations been put in hands of fools,
Mis-using their power, corruption their No1 tool.
We're all to blame for playing their deadly game,
So lets reach for an aim and don�t go down that road again.

European unity,
White power, pride and dignity
European unity,
Our lands free from alien creeds.

Our forefathers fought for our freedom you see,
At least that's what we're told what we're led to believe.
So how come our nations overrun?
By alien cultures the vultures are the zionist scum.


So listen White Man, listen very carefully,
It�s time to wake up, time to make a stand you see.
United we'll win, come here our call,
If we stick together nothings gonna make us fall.

It won�t be easy it'll be a long hard task,
And there are those traitors who hide behind the nationalist mask
But we'll pull through, cos truth wins in the end,
So let us start let me hear you sing these words.