For The Fallen And The Free
Brutal Attack

I can see the comin' of a bright and glorious day,
When we step into freedom, and chase the night away.
After all these years of struggle, our war is finally won,
And those who stood so proudly, now welcome the sun.

This song is for the fallen and the free,
Who'll one day stand together in final victory.
The glorious dead, with those who'd gladly die,
United in triumph as our eagle standars fly.

I recall all the battles,
The colliding of our armies, under blood red skies.
I recall the sorrow, and I recall the pain,
I recall the torment, of finding my brother slain.

Still we fought with courage, still we fought with pride,
Knowing that the gods of war, on our side.
We overcome each hurdle, with our will to win,
Now we stand triumphant, the greatest there has ever been.