My Sworn Duty
Brutal Attack

Walking in the sunshine,
along a tree lined avenue,
From the top of any hill,
You'll see a truelly awesome view.
Gentle rolling fields,
All shades of green and brown,
The greatest sights you'll ever see,
How could you let her down?

This is England, the land of kings,
Warrior and maiden, and beautiful things.
Land of honour, of grace and glory,
Carved in stone, this heroic story.

All around I'm reminded, of her natural beauty,
To protect the motherland, is my sworn duty.
And I do so with pride, and honest aryan love,
Guided by unseen hands, guided from above.

Every man, woman and child, shares the task,
To ensure our independance, will forever last.
And keep this island standing, proud in a stormy sea,
Always standing defiant, always standing free!

Alone stand our warrior people, alone,
But keeping this glorious nation safe,
Is what I was born to do.
And if I fall in battle, I will carry to my grave,
The knowledge that you still stand for the sacrifice I gave!