Running Down the Road to Freedom
Brutal Attack

Well you can sing your protest song,
While I will make a stand.
You say you know, "right from wrong",
But I've seen it at first hand.
Seen my friends turn against one another,
Felt the pain of losing a brother.
The pain of fratricide and so many lies,
We're gonna get the traitors and the special branch spies.

Running down the road to freedom
Don't stand in our way.
Hear our words and you better believe 'em
'Cause we are here to stay.

Well if you throw enough shit, some of it sticks,
Some people get sucked in by lies.
Don't take us for fools we know your tricks,
Can see through your disguise.
Been through the mill we have survived,
This bond just makes us stronger.
Makes me glad that I'm alive,
Now tell me do you have the hunger

So when will you wake up and realize,
Your pressure's gotta drop.
For every man down, another will rise,
Like a rain that never stops.
So, get wise, yeah come on, wise up,
We're a freight train outta control.
Look me in the eye I don't give a fuck,
'Caouse I'm a killer and I'm out on a roll.