Time Bomb
Brutal Attack

I see a fading light, I see the coming night,
Coming destruction. I see Red against White.
Time slipping by, no matter how hard I try
This thunderous voice for freedom is now a pitiful cry.

Time is ticking away like a time bomb
Wondering where it all went wrong
Wondering where these lies come from
Time is ticking away like a time bomb.

I see the graves of heroes now smashed and defiled
I see corpses of the faithful in rotting piles
I see the bodies of our leaders hanging in the trees,
The stench of defeat floating in the breeze.

So tell me brother do you see this too?
Do you see all our dreams disappearing from view?
All these years of struggle, coming to nothing
Do you realise this time I ain't bluffing?

So now is the time to stand, time to show our hand,
To fight together and fight for our land
Call it our last chance or final solution
But I gotta call it White Revolution