Chris Brown


Hey lou mom holders
You movin too fast baby girl slow ?
I don't know what these ? boyd told ya
But lemme let you know you dealing with a soldier
So slide open my way, let's get it going
You got it going on and you know it
I got a lot of moves, I'm a show?
And ? wanna bounce so let's go then
Let's get it poppin I dope in
Everytime I woke in, I dope in
If you ain't no win, I dope in
Baby step back ? so I can show in
I know a lot of dudes in here got the eye on you
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But none of them can do for you what I'm gonna do
They wanna get my ? with the ?.
I'm number one tonight they never call me number two
Now everybody want it better
And I'm about to win a ? on the ..
So when you see me do what,
Come do what I did, do what I did
I'm about to shake another one
Come do what I did, do what I did.