Next Time

I'm gonna blow your mind, hold you close
Squeeze you tight, the next time that I see you
I'm gonna tell you I love you, cross my heart
And I hope I die
The next time that I see you

A cloudy day in the chi
I was downtown getting my license
Money ain't a thang but hey, fame is priceless
Waiting in line, yeah that's one of my vices
This lady recognized me and moved me through the line quick
To number one, said sign this for her son
I drew my name with a bible and a gun
One of her coworkers had a cousin in rap

Can't knock his hustle, but I be doing him like skinny pete
In the back, they was playin' light jazz
Spotted this woman with light plus she had a bright ass
I was checking her out trying to act like I ain't checking her out
She could see that I was checking her out
On some roy ayers, we was vibing a bit
Told her my next album gonna be live with the hits
She did a skit on how she don't be dating rappers
Said I got my sag card baby I'm an actor
And after the laughter I said, "naw for real"
She said, "naw for real, forreal?"

Some days it's the sun, some days it's the rain
Some chicks you forget, some stay in your brain
Somehow in my mind this broad still remain
Three days later, I'm about to get on the plane
In the security lane, the thing kept beeping
It's probably these hard raps that I be keeping
Speaking of the goddess, I picked up my metal objects
You know how you can bring to life what's in your conscience
Slim with the pompous attitude from the dmv
Happened to have a beautiful ass in front of me

Yup, I'm looking and she sort of took it in
That awkward moment of "damn, damn, that's him again"
I start telling her how beautiful her thoughts are
A man walked up, she said "this is walter"
I looked at a little walter as he stuck out his hand
Said since borrow a dollar, he been a fan
Said he met me at a show about four years ago
I'm thinking goof troop, I don't remember that shit
I told him that I didn't so I ended that quick
On the ice cube tip, like stay off my dick
And tell your chick to come here
Yeah, I gotta word I want to give to her ear
And it goes like

I can't be lusting another man's woman too long
I picked up my pride to the gate, I moved on
With the nike airs on, stepping into first class
Wondering why these flight attendants don't be having no ass
One asked if I wanted a drink
I laid back and just said naw I wanted to think
About how and why old girl was affecting me
Opened my eyes her and dude was right next to me
Was this destiny like the jackson five?

I was shocked inside, but I reacted live
Told her every time I think of her she actualize
I said fate baby ain't something to rationalize
Seen passion in her eyes as my words hit her
She said walter wasn't her nigga, he just work with her
We dipped to the bathroom so she could try my love
Now she's a member of the mile high club