Crystal Meth
Daycare Swindlers

Got plenty of friends I'd like you to meet In my life and my world and it's all at my feet Got a box of good records from the back of the rack I'm driving 90 miles an hour in a fucking speed trap Got a grin on my face and I know when to react Got a bag in my hand and the world at my back Try to feed the disease it's not as easy as it seems Been awake for 3 days coming apart at the seams

Chorus: Oh I'm a zombie been awake for 3 days I'll sleep enough when I'm dead In the meantime I'm staying awake

Wanna scream wanna play with my girlfriend all day Make a mess get undressed and fuck it all away Fried hair fried brain bitch and complain I'm driving 90 miles an hour in the passing lane I'm on bottom on top I'm inside and I'm bent Changing faces in the phone booth like I was Clark Kent It's alright it's ok I've been awake for 3 days Doing fine but my mind is slipping away
Everything falls apart Read the signs on the wall Piece of mind will decay Deconstruction all be dead Feel no pain intoxicate Numb the mind inebriate Pull the plug!! My eyes wide open wanna pull the plug (x4) Should I forfeit Feel no spirit Pieces don't quit fit