Lifeless Corpses
Daycare Swindlers

success measure through conformity
your ties your noose to tight to breath
i watch you hang from suck-suck-society
time has left you old, cold and self absorbed
with minor things that i choose to ignore
like sucking up and giving in to them
the ones that suck us off from the inside
when you gonna realize

Lifeless corpses flesh rotten carrion
bleeding they wont lie down
their being spit upon
im in no hurry to assimulate
let us starve as you feed on hate
FUCK you cuz you cant relate to me

so you fuck up and die,
destroy yur life, brainwash your own mind
fight and focus on the fear intake
Trapped inside you will escape
destroy yor own life


Be boy
whats it gonna be boy
gotta big mouth cant be yourself
just be yourself