One Cheque From The Street
Dayglo Abortions

there comes a time you have
to run. too fucked in the
head to be makin sense. break
things up that hold you down.
not waking up till you hit
the ground. the phone is
ringing my head is spinning.
my boss is screaming and i'm
not going to work! i gotta
jump on my skateboard cruise
on down to the watering hole.
i don't care how drunk i get
as long as i don't break my
board. the wallet's shrinking
keep on drinking. the
landlord's screaming and i'm
not going home! wake up, i
don't give a shit. what
happens to me in a couple
weeks i don't mind the
poverty style. live in
denial. bill are piling, no
ones paying. mommy's
screaming and i'm not going
to church!!!