Carter Boys
Dick Curless

The Carter boys were born one and after another
In a little old country place
I was the last and the death of my mother
And I know it was a pretty bad trace
We'd get the drinking and I'd do the singing
They taught me to chase girls and cuss
We played poker and I'd do the dealing
I was the only one we could trust

And there were six of us all together
And that's how we stood all the time
Six of us all together
Oh the Carter boys were brothers of mine

We had an old car that we kept tied together
With pieces of vale and wire and hope
Well they knew when we got there and they knew when we left
They could tell by the noise and the smoke

Anytime the sheriff he had nothing to do
He'd get out and chase us around
The old women prayed the old men laughed
And the middle aged people all frowned

And there were six of us all together...

Daddy was a preacher and the Lord knows he tried
Gave us everything he could afford
We lost a lotta battles but daddy always said
The only thing we feared was the Lord

Well as I look back through the long lean years
I wonder how we ever survived
All of that hard work all of that drinking
And all those other men's wives

And there were six of us all together...
Oh there were six of us all together...