Tears Of St. Ann
Dick Curless

A true story my friends I now tell to you
A strange thing occurred that soon became news
The statute St Ann from the window was knocked
In the driveway below it fell on a rock

A little girl ran to the statute below
But when she got there it was broken and so
She picked up it's head and kissed it so dear
In the eyes of St Anne tears did appear

No one understood how the statute could cry
The whole world was shocked from the tears in its eyes
A miracle of God to show this great land
That the sick could be healed by the tears from St Ann

The statute was kissed by others who came
Some didn't believe that the tears spilled like rain
Only a kiss from this little girl
Caused St Ann to cry and startle the world

If rain soaks I know God changed the rain to tears
This story shall live throughout many years
For this little girl caused both world and man
To believe in the Lord and the tears of St Ann