Tornado Tillie
Dick Curless

Tornado Tillie she's really a dilly
And everyone knows when she hits town
It sounds kinda of silly but Tornado Tilly
Picks up every man that ain't nailed down

He was a big operator in Memphis and he thought he'd really been around
All the girls they called him Big Daddy well he had 'em all over town
Then one day Tornado Tilly she blew in from Alabam
She touched down and she picked up Memphis Sam

When Sam looked up and saw Tilly she swept him right off of his feet
And before he knew what hit him she was a draggin' him down the street
She carried him down to Atlanta and she gave him a great big spin
They hit Birmingham and she whirled him around again

Tornado Tillie she's really a dilly...

Sam and Tilly they blew into Vegas and Sam he hit a lucky streak
But Tillie picked up all the money and went a twistin' on down the street
She met up with a guitar picker hair a hangin' down his back
And they both scratched off in sam's white Cadillac

Then Tillie she headed for Texas on her way to New Mexico
And then she tore through Dallas like a bat out of El Paso
She dropped that guitar picker down along some Missouri farm
Then she ripped into Memphis with a sailor on each arm

Tornado Tillie she's really a dilly...

So I'm gonna warn you girlies you'd better hang on to your boys
Cause here comes Tornado Tillie and she's makin' with a lot of noise
It's gonna be goodbye Charlie if she ever gets a hold of your man
And just remember what she did to ole Memphis Sam

Tornado Tillie she's really a dilly...