This is the last impression
That i'm going to make
So you should pay attention
'cause everything's making sense
So much sense
And now i'm going backwards
This is the first wave
I'm at the end of the start
And i'm everything that i've made
Yea all i've made
This isn't getting deeper
Just repeating itself
I've heard it all before
But didn't catch a word you've said!
But you're not impressed
So scream back at me:

I've got these four limbs and a head!
And i demand attention!
I've got nothing to lose
So much to gain

There's nothing out there
But myself
And i demand an answer
I've got so much to give
So much to take

I guess i'm too dependent
On what you say
So i'm completely detached
From what i need for myself
(yea, my demands are great!)

But i don't have a system
That works real well
So now i'm stuck in a frame
Trying to push you all away
It's not going too well!
So give it up for those
Who have no one to blame
And fit so well
Into these boxes that you've made
I'd love to put myself away
But you'd have no one to blame