Start Digging

Start digging

You have to dig through the cold hard ground
To find people like me
They don't make 'em like this anymore
I'm an obsolete machine

So say goodbye to those empty faces
And run to the fields
And start the digging the cold hard ground
In hopes to find me

Start digging

Been digging for days and nights
Not finding a thing
You can barely see in this fog
And don't realize I'm right here

I've been watching you work so hard
Trying to get to me
But I don't wanna ruin that for you
And let you believe in me

Keep digging

I can't barely see you now
Just a lump of sweat and tears
You've already given up
And that's where I come in

You've been digging the cold hard ground
And now I'm finally here
But all you that you've really done
Is dig a grave for me

They were right when they said
I am an obsolete machine
They just sent me here to show you
How futile faith can be

Push me in
Just push me in

Final impact.