When The Rain Falls

When The Rain Falls

I don't understand
this should be so easy
to just reach out my hand
and know the world is real
but nothings as it seems
now I can tell you freely
touching's not the only way to feel

When the rain falls
it's like heavens crying
when the names all
the difference that there is
cause tears are
the same when they are trying to grow
something good out of all the pain
there's no difference between the teardrops and the rain

I know you probably say
that I'm just talking crazy
to think of life that way
means that I'm confused

There's happy and there's sad,
but maybe, yes, just maybe,
the sadness can make the happiness more true

(Chorus once)

Because I know the boths are nessasary,
I don't let it bother me at all

(Chorus once)