Best Woman Wins
Dolly Parton

Who Do You Think You Are
What Do You Think This Is
A Game You Can Play
Tryin' to Steal Him Away
Well, I Don't Need a Heartache Like This
Well, Don't Think I Don't Go Through Hell
But Heaven Is What We Both Want
He's Easy to Love, But He's Hard to Give Up
And If You Think I Will, Well, You're Wrong


The Best Woman Wins
I Will Fight 'til the End
I'll Lay Down and Die If I Must
I'll Beg and I'll Plead
I Will Suffer and Bleed
But He Must Make a Choice Between Us

This Soap Opera Play That We're In
Is Just Like You Watch On T.v.
But I Never Thought That I'd Ever Get Caught in It;
Starring You, Him and Me

In Love As in War All Is Fair
So a Fight to the Finish Begins
When You Fight From Desire
You Fight Fire With Fire
So May the Best Woman Win

Repeat Chorus

So May the Best Woman Win