Too Far Gone
Dolly Parton

(porter - verse 1)
We never has a kind word for each other angry words
Are always speak the home were we once live and
Loved now echo with the angry words we speak
(dolly - verse 2)
Too selfich and too proud to have admit when we know
That we are wrong now it's late to rebuild the home
We're tearing down it's too far gone

(both - porter and dolly chorus)
To people just existed always talking never listening
To bousy point out each other's faults too see our home
Because we didn't try our love just slowly die
To late to be revived it's too far gone

Too far gone

(dolly - verse 3)
Were to busy thinking of ourself to think about
Each other's needs we salem have a moment for each
Other we share a little you and me.

(porter - verse 4)
We can't get along even long enough to try to change what's
Wrong now it's too late for you and me there's nothing
You can do were too far gone

Repeat chorus:

(porter and dolly)
Too far gone.