Bearing Down

There's a screw that I'm tied to
And it's starting to tighten within
And the beat that I breathe to
Is getting louder, it's getting louder again

I stand on my perception
My credo is only my own
So don't fucking sell me your direction
I'll travel my own

My conscience, my integrity, compelling my morality
To stand on my own definition
Is that asking too much?

Self-determination is my only obligation
With my own hand and my own brain
I've gotten this far

Listen to me
But it's only my opinion
You've baked this cake for far too long

Put your head in the oven
And check out what you're cooking
Is your conscience going to bend
When it comes time to eat?

We are steeping together
It's hard to keep your own identity
I've listened too long
It's branded me a stoic, that's not what I am

I could rise to your words
And believe in all their wisdom
I could stand on what you've built
And rely on it's foundation
You are the remedy
You say you're the cure and the world's panacea