Breath Of Fresh Air

Time after time the music paints the rhyme
But I still wonder what to say
Memory takes its course and loves the driving force
While your smile lights the way

Step inside my mind
Be careful where you sit
Close your eyes
Take a breath of fresh air

In the dreams that we weave
Reality conceived, then quickly thrown away
Here there is no wrong and the day
Is as long as you dream

Step inside my mind
Tell me what you thinkDon't mind the mess
Take a breath of fresh air

Don't try and wake me
Sleep just does me good
Why lie in bed when you know
I really should
Try and make the day
Everything I can
The words I write
Read deeper than the man

Time after time, the thoughts just slip my mind
Then they're gone, lost for days
Then without help an awareness is felt
And the thoughts come in waves

Step outside my mind
Be careful when you leave
Collect your thoughts
And take a breath of fresh air