Memoirs From Between

What I need is a horse and meadow
A fireplace for snowy days
Some cherry blossom outside my window
A little hope to light my way

What I want is a longer weekend
A case of beer by a swimming pool
To quit my job without a reason
A Kerouac romantic fool

A star to wish and gaze on
A bar to lean on
A song that says it all
A friend to tip a glass to
A life to live through
A world on common ground

Set a course, up ahead
Straight into heaven...

What I have is worth much more
Than all my words could ever say
And what I have I'd never trade
Or give away for luxury

What I see sometimes just scares me
And what I hear I try to ignore
And what I breathe seems so polluted
I want to turn my back
And close the door

Set a course, up ahead
Straight into heaven...

Turn around and see the everything...
Please see the grain...
And feel the texture...