Mr. Oxy Moron

I'd be truthfully lying to be happily crying
Because I'm positively unsure
About the rights of limited freedom
I've seen so much passive resistance to a constant change
It's called mutual individualism
Mutual individualism

The sincere hypocrite gave me a sad smile
His cologne was so damn sinfully sweet
I'd say it was almost bitter
He was honestly deceptive
When he finally broke the silence that was ringing my ears
"What you have here is awfully nice,
Just give me a call in a few short years."

There's too many morons of the oxy persuasion
With their speeches cooked to perfection
On a platter of verbal eloquence
They've burnt the meat, and they've spilled the batter
They keep skipping a beat and the heart of the matter
You know who you are and you're offended
You know what you are 'cause you're offended

I'll sell you a future
It's so damn sure I can taste it
Just sign the line at the bottom, it's marked "forever"
There's a lot of people talking
But no one's really speaking up
There's too many star-trekkers
That are boldly going to the same old stars...