Those Who Want To Buy

The picture was posed ready to push that black and white charm
Highlighted in gloss and calligraphy for that rock and roll impact
You've got to wear your pout and your million dollar smile
Or look like the blues and you have been hanging out for a while

I cried inside when I saw it all done for the cause of art
And I've got to laugh when I see your sincerity

The simple things that seemed so good just don't taste the same
The projection's in need of a focus, it's all out of frame

It's not that the price has been set too high
It's never too high
It's just that I'm not sure I want...
To sell to those that want to buy
Go through hell for those that want to buy
Please don't take me the wrong way
If I don't excel for those that want to buy

Who's to say our voice should not be heard
Contrary to your opinion we will not go away
If something like this meant so much to you
Would you walk away and leave it
Or die with the taste still in your mouth?

Mine is might I am that's right, a bastard with a point
So you think your artistic insecurity can be shielded?
Cellophane personalities keep you nice and fresh
I sit with pen in hand wondering what to write
Should I cut myself and paint in crimson
Or use my plastic argument?
You sample words and collect the royalties
You're stereotyped with gold in hand
I'm naked for the world to see

The thing I think that scares me the most
Is that talent is seldom considered
It's all in a name as the waiting game
Grows tight around your throat
I'm sick of being passed on this time
I'm bored with all of your letters
They just hang on the wall for all to see who the next fool is

Skeleton bound delusions, freaks inside your head
Come to life as you realize insane is not so bad
We must be daft to want more rope
To feed the cause you criticize
We took the time to turn your heads
Now you will see what we're after