Arsch of the Broschek
Édith Piaf

Risin` up, back in the kitchen
take some bones, took some zwiebel

Went the distance, now back to the klo
just a man and his will to kack

So many times, it happens too fast
you change your passion for spritskack
Don`t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
you must kack just to keep them alive

It`s the - arsch of the broschek
it`s the dream of the flo
Risin` up to the challenge of pfurzing

And the last known survivor
has krebs in his ass
And he`s watchin` us all at the arsch
--- of the broschek

Arsch to Arsch, out in Klo,
hangin` tough, stayin` stinking
They stack the odds `til we take to the klo
for we shit with the skill to survive

Risin` up, straight to klo
have the Druck and the willen
Went the distance, now I`m not gonna stop
just a man and his will to pfurz

The Arsch of the Broschek