My Best Lover Was My Best Friend
Emerson Drive

We'd sing love song
and dance all night.
We'd hold each other
till mornin light.
Even when the bad
had gone on home
Our two hearts
were going strong.

My best lover
was my best friend.
Tell me God Why
it had to end?
I miss her laughter,
I miss that grin.
I miss my lover,
I miss my friend.

They carried you
into the other room
and said it was almost time.
Joy filled the air
as the tears fell from your eyes.
And when the time had come
and you saw that life begin
You never knew that
another life would end.

Repeat Chorus

So now the flowers are
being laid on your grave.
Every shattered dream
is being soaked by the rain.
God may have taken
you from this world,
but he left me with an Angel
" Our little girl. "