Psychopath Killer

Psychopath Killer

I guess you could consider it poetry
But with me it started out with just words, just words
They started looking like puzzle pieces so I started connecting
Them to each other 'til they started to resemble blank canvases.
By this time I was an artist so I just started to see these pictures,
These real visuals, psychopathical killer

(I'm a psychopath, I'm a killer
I'm a psychopath, I'm a killer
A psychopath, I'm a killer
A psychopath, I'm a killer)
Feelin' it in the air, breathe it in the night
Sayin' I'm a killer

Did you ever think we would come to find?
Maybe in my dreams
I'm a psychopath, I'm never keepin' it plain
Lyrical murder is somethin' I've been about
Ever since I was a little kid, doodlin' in the class
Drew a picture of my teacher, bullet in his head, ruler in his ass

With a toilet in front of him, throwin' up, pissed off
Prolly symbolic of this thought, sick tot
To my inner enemy in a rush
I'm havin' nightmares of leavin' behind my dreams
With anything less than a full bank
It's like I'm general hong, I'm standin' in front of a gun
I'm puttin' myself in the way of a bullet to pull rank
The hood is over my eyes but the wool ain't

Got the mentality of bein' with a wizard
Every award show, we don't even get considered
How do you sell somethin' that's so lyrical
To a kid that wouldn't know what was hittin' if it hit him?
Now I wanna talk about these niggas from detroit
Beef on me and shady who was thinkin' 'bout detroit

We put the world onto it so watch how you say "fuck me"
You might jinx yourself, whoop, your girl gon' do it
Cause I was in that 911 in chicago, 911at the same time
I had already been grindin' since '97, that's longevity
And if you think you're lyrically better, you better be a killer
(I'm a psychopath, I'm a killer)
You ain't ever see a mothafucka get real

(A psychopath, I'm a killer)
Goin' automatic on anybody sporadic I choose
(A psychopath, I'm a killer)
Cause ain't nobody iller
Knowing nobody for realer
(A psychopath, I'm a killer)

It's an elite drinker, mister ringleader
I'm a deep thinker, I'm a street preacher
With a street sweeper full of heat seekers
In your jeep speakers I'mma keep ringers
I don't need heaters, I got the meat cleaver
Welcome to the slaughterhouse
Niggas try to tell me I spell too much
Capital s to the laugh to the t-e-r

Ho, u-s-e, now go to hell you fucks, word
Making work disappear quick as magic
Abracadabra, the traffic blacker than africa
Can you imagine a nigga flipping bread for the blood?
Money like dracula, hand him some spatula, ask me a question
Am I the best with the flexing?

Fuck yes with the goon talk
I just moonwalk all over the beat then I'm lightin' up the street
Crooked going michael jackson on thriller
I'm a psychopath, I'm a killer
The thought of retiring
Is makin' me want to set your daughter on fire with a soldering iron

What up mom, applyin' for the rim job, are you hirin'?
I'm hopin' to fill up your opening
Oh but I know I gotta meet a lot of requirements
First I gotta [?]
And you've probably already been
With all the slaughter and iron men

No mood to be playin' second fiddle
Slob on this violin with no strings attached
I'm just the product of a hostile environment
But bein' brought up so brought up inspired
But I don't know why, it's still like I'm caught up inside a whirlpool
Not an appliance, but applyin' this science, I psychotically rhyme
And it's like stars have aligned all in alliance

Heart of a lion, balls of goliath
Obscene talkin', the twine like a bean's talkin' and buyin'
But I keep walkin' the line between the wrong and the right
But everything I write seems wrong and it's like
I'm ecstatic at all the static that I can still cause
In the fabric of our modern society
Now catholics are panicking
'Cause I snapped back to my old antics and shenanigans

Dammit the pope's mad again
Probably shouldn't have ran up in
The vatican with that mannequin
Singin' "bagpipes from baghdad" again
In my dad's drag draggin' a faggot in, a glad bag
Won't be the last time I make a dramatic
Entrance, like that again
You thought I was lyin' when I said

I think that I'm crossin' the line again?
I've lost my mind
Caution oh God I think I've thought of another fucking line
Forgive me father, for I have sinned
But hip hop has left me brainwashed with a violent streak
Defiant, now the odds of me tryin' to fuckin' be quiet
Probably gotta be 'bout as high as the jolly green giant

After he's fallen in pollen
Next to a killer bee hive colony tryin' to sneak by it
So please don't follow me while I revive rap
I'ma start up a rioting, try to stop it or silence it
You're not gonna
Might as well just hit the block in your joggin' attire in

Boston, across the marathon finish line and I
Put your thoughts against mine
Cause the arsenal I have'll scar you for life, worse than dzhokhar
And I have a bomb, pliers and barbed wire
Your bars are like barney fife with a fucking swiss army knife
A saber that's darth vader with arthritis at a bar fight

With the dark knight on a dark night with his arms tied up
I'm dahmer-like when I'm on the mic, I'm not gonna lie
Perform like I'm gonna die at the end of a song
So it's hard for the rhyme to end

Like fuck 'em all and just ride
Like I'm locked up inside a shot of bonnie and clyde called
Uncle ronnie is driving, 'bout to burst in through the side door
Fuck up an asylum and park in the dining room