Style-o-maniac (feat. Chaos Kid)

Style-o-maniac (feat. Chaos Kid)

And hazard advances
I dwell with the Mr. Mathers
Come, fish you boy giving that sap of cypress out, take a ride with pride
I got it to harass a bully
Surrounded by [?] scuity
I look to the inner self, found the shelf
Toughened it, wasn't it?
Just relax, it's practice
Selected the math to correct, I'm perfecting
Entered with the prep for understanding, I pen my programmers
Turned around, fought
But I was caught and sending the password fat, we trapped
We bending the rap words, we're sacked and sent and concentrated on culture
Around the future, and this brochure
But what was that? I can not, continued on
Building, fulfilling my deepest need
Meeting, greeting, go in and see
The people who speak the truth shall find it
Inside the rhyme, that's time

[Chaos Kid]
Check again, penning now
Now we're done, and my [?] goes by
Y'all looking [?]
[?] Pesterin' and slice your life
Can you catch it? Go and fetch it
Put [?] and - smooth - stop!
This style elevates my ego
You can't reach me! Drop
There's nothing to teach me
That two- pizass I blew past her gas
Revigorant, for instants
Your system [isn't?] this
Mind collapsing, a profession
I'm professor and you're a student
You can't do it, move it
You ruined 'em when I do in this Chaos
You're not the Kid, you're not the one
You're not [my?] son, you looked in the mirror and burnt your face
I'm sick of them, and I am giving you the guillotine
That's my style when I rhyme
Yo Manix, bass

A purified example
A sample amplified
Access [?] environment or not
Shiny up a buzz
The [?] must stop burglars
And others, that come
Some biters with desires
To overthrow my kingdom
That kingdom comes with questions
Answers? None, somewhat bum
But get done, by my tongue
Am I through? You are [?] I just begun - Check it out!
Same old, same old, I'll throw out my [?] if my mouth survive
To shout out a unique style
I'm giving ya a little bit of my ver-si-tali-ty
My perso-nali-ty jumps out and
Look at your toes
Those are wet
Toughest bet we'll [?] your scab
Running in fear, this polar bear will
Eat your head for breakfast
I collect your [?] for toothpicks
You drop you gon' break your jaw
I swear, numb by rhyming style

You can't seem to grisp this concept
Have normal format structures
But you heard of mine "crumble puncture"?
Explicit my thoughts, better test it
Go back rewind it, find it
Analyze it, size it up
Couldn't find it, mesmerized
That hypnotized to [pastas?] rough
Get your unconscious stress, perplex at what I've said, where's my head
And this [?], open this bag, take who can
Begin to comprehend what I said
[?], I take my pen, and once again continue
On, strong, my son
It's the music of blind
Your eyes are go indoors
If you hear it, you got sight
Blurt this rap [?]
Intellectual indulgence
Focus on format, where they at?
None [?] will tell
One, I stand, but hang you by bare hands
Understand, to a-be confused
Is common, and a world that [?]
You're a [?]
Where our reflection strike ends
The spotlight that captured the mistery
Behind my rhyming style

They gonna break down!
[I'll?] think they get mad at [?], man