Inner Eye
Eternal Silence

Inner Eye

"The candle flickered
...and then went out".

Blazing in my mind
-sensation of how you feel about ending your life.
I see you welcoming the darkness of oblivion...
... possessed by the fatal maze of absurdity.
Decay - your scenery withers into grey.

" Your face is pale, lit by the faint light of a candle
... caressing the chalice containing the warm, sweet wine.
I see you staring out in front of you
... empty and cold.
You drink the wine
... and the candle is flickering..."

I see you! You want to die!

Visions in my mind
-sensation of how your life is fading away.
I see you welcoming the final peace
In solitude...
... as the chalice lay beside your open hand.
Slowly, the candle is flickering and dying out!

I can see your soul floating beyond the Veil of Death.

I can feel Eternal Silence
-timeless you will rest.