The Key Within
Eternal Silence

The Key Within

There is always night in a world without daylight,
As there is always darkness in the mind of the ignorant one.

And when the crimson red sunrise burns away the chains of morning-mist,
The frozen silence of secret thoughts thaw, and is carried away with the wind
- in your mind. I know!

Now, as I lie on the threshold to Death - I tell you;
I have lived my life seeking, and found what I desired.

Because I have seen between the stairs, I have read the constellations,
And, I have watched the signs.
This is my story - this is my life!

In the power of it's endless existence, this is more real than anything else in life.
In the Dark Ages, before mankind arose from its mud;

The emptiness between stars made storm without wind,
In a cosmic matrimony to reach into eternity (and even more).

Solve the riddle of quest. Gain the utmost reward.
Become the mental oracle.
Chart the cosmic orbits of our souls.

Embrace the spiritual answer which lies within.
Embrace the testimony of superb wisdom.

Wavy shadows in a timeless dream,
Haunts my mind in my search for supremacy.

The mirror of the truth are reflections of your own mind,
Concealed beyond the scope of what's within the sane sight.

I have searched, and I, I have found - found what I desired
In my life; the enchanting knowledge.

My mighty powers opened the path to unseen realities.
I have reached the zenith - prosperity in my past.
Victory has greeted me, triumphant is my pride.