Boy meets Girl
Evan Taubenfeld

Boy meets Girl


With a bang
She was there
yeah she blew up off my cover,wasn't looking for a lover
And i crashed
I fell a part
And now i'm picking up the pieces
No, they're not exactly pieces
But it's a start
Did you ever think i'd let you go?
You're the only thing i've ever known

Its like twisted sister
meets mister mister
It's like rolling thunder
Meets a careless whisper
Its like jesus jones and the rolling stones in a game of twister
Its Like Boy Meets Girl!

And she went right.
And i went wrong.
By the time i turn around and look for her over my shoulder she was gone.
I'll never know
How to make her favorite drink
And does she like the color pink on her toes?
But did you think i'd let you go?
I Think I always knew that we'd grow old.

Its like twisted sister
meets mister mister.
It's like a shout at the devil (shout, oh)
meets careless whisper.
It's like Mona head and the grateful dead in a game of twister
It's like boy meets girl.

When i when i saw you,i could see.
i wanna wanna have you lying next to me.
I wish that i can take it back.
put you on my favorite track, and play you on repeat
And every day since then is incomplete.

It's like twisted sister
Meets mister mister
Its like rolling thunder meets careless whisper(??)
Its like Fleetwood Mac, Biggie and 2-pac in a game of twister.
it's like boy meets girl.
Its like you and me girl(na,na,na,na,na,na,na,na,
You'll always be my girl(na,na,na,na,na,na,na,na,