Go Buck

They ain't ready man, I don't think they ready - Let'em go
Ya'll ain't really ready

Go buck with the angels
Buck with the angels

You're new to the faith and truly that's great
'Cause that's enough to make the angels in Heaven celebrate
And have a party over one shorty that truly escape
The Wrath of Father 'cause Abba has now given them grace
There is joy in the Heaven's when a sinner repents
Way over 99 who's already convinced
So when you see us and you thinkin' we ain't got no sense
It's definitely due to the fact that we've been given a gift
See we're ignited like a volcano blast
And we're having the same party that angels are havin'
In the Heavens all in the presence of the anchor we have
Now there's peace no longer beef
No longer angerin' Dad
So when you see us get buck with our hands in the sky
And you see us go dumb without us getting high
It's cause the Father sent the Son and now where runnin' to die
'Cause we never?
Yup, here we go again!


Forget the popular topic of club hopping
Forget the popular topic of bottle the bubb popping
We keep it rocking for God 'cause we love doctrine
We keep it hopping ain't stopping like subs knocking
We spaz out when they're truly convinced
Of the truth that our Jesus has forgiven they sins
How He takes us and shapes and makes sharp as a crease
How He's got us under arrest like they called the police (Listen)
We're real excited and acknowledge you came
Into the knowledge of our Savior who is reigning as King
And now He's changing things inside of you and making it plain
That you were stained one of the one's who was making it rain
But now you're free as a bird and you're ready to fly
Count the cost and recognizin' that it is high
Carry your cross knowing that you're ready to die
So count 1,2,3,4

Let me stop playing with ya'll man

This the type of feeling that I can't explain
All I really know is that I'm glad He came
Lived a perfect life then He died for Flame
And everyone else putting trust in His name

Since the beginning men have been in the bind
Scripture renders us ignorant and considers us blind
So when the Unregenerate is giving His eyes
There's a party before God for the naughtiest guys
So when we stand to our feet and we're pounding the earth
Stomping the ground it's going down in the church
'Cause he rose from the grave and left death in the dirt
And when He ascended He sent the Holy Spirit to work
When we see genuine repentance they we go berserk
It's real sweet like dessert
Him removing the curse
How He digs in the heart starts ruling the turf
He'll never Stop!




Ya'll ain't really ready