Mozart Ballet - Piano Sonata in B flat
Frank Zappa

While the well disciplined Ian Underwood plays selected fragments from Mozarts Piano Sonata In B-flat and we make electric noises, some members of our rocking teen combo will hop around on stage in a grotesque parody of the art of ballet dancing.

Oh you have to carry him. . . . carry him!

Come on, I told everybody

Bok, bok, bickehh!
Bok, bok, bickehh!
Bok, bok, bickehh!
Boy, do I hate chickens!
Bok, bok, bickehh!
Bok, bok, snork, snork, snork

During this part of our extremely zany ballet, Don Preston disguised as a mad scientist will convert the unwilling Motorhead Sherwood into a walking zombie.

Bok, bok, (heh), BOCK!

Don, let him get his smock on!