Frank Zappa

Girl1: Thats how long I´ve been here. I´ve been here ever since, ever since it got dark I´ve been here.

Louis: How did you get in my home? This is my piano. Howdid you get in here ?

Motorhead: I thought it was my piano.

Louis: It´s mine.

Roy: Since when ?

Louis: Since about 10 years ago its mine.

Roy: You sure ?

Louis: Yes positivly.

Roy: No, it was mine.

Louis: This is a smal Place, you must be blind you know.

Motorhead: Where were you at ?

Roy: Could have been one nine ... No, it couldn´t have been one-nine-oh...

Louis: It couldn´t have been any more...How about try, just try `G`...

Roy: How did you happen to get in here ?

Louis: My mother said to me "You´re a bad boy, Louis the Turkey. You´d better, you´d you you you´d better go on È`and you´ll never see the world... you´re a bad boy `cause you went to the bathroom on the floor`you know ?
Motorhead: Did they make you clean it up ?

Louis: No they made me eat it.

Roy: Ooh.