Scrutinizer Extreme
Frank Zappa

Central Scrutinizer :

This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... again. Hi!...It's me again,
the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER... Joe says Lucille has messed bis mind up,
but, was it the girl or was it the music? As you can see .. .girls, music,
disease, heartbreak.. .they all go together.. Joe found out the hard way, but
his troubles were just beginning... his mind was so messed up... he could
hardly do nothin' .. .He was in aquandary ... being devoured by the swirling
cesspool of his own steaming desires.. .the guy was a wreck.. .so.. .what
does he do? For once, he does something SMART...he goes out... and
pays a lot of money to L. Ron Hoover... at the First Church of Appliantology!