Wistful With A Fist-Full
Frank Zappa

Evil prince: (mammified fake-broadway singing)
What is happenin' to me!
An' also to de ol' zom-bie
I used tum know?

Of c'ose dey
Once were so spectaculuhhh!
Now we be
Talkin' de vernaculuhhh!
Dis a strange kind o' reactium
To de pig we et befo'!

I's immune to de re-zease, i s'pose
Fum suckin' up de greeze
Fum de duo-deenum dribblin's
Outa de pig befo'!

I can laugh 'n rub my chin
When my re-zease come rollin' in,
It's jes' like catchin' a second win'!
I feel so gay-y-y-y-y-y!

Some mights refer to me as scum,
'cause where dey all be comin' from
(when de galoot co-log-nuh rushin' down
De plain)
Is underneef some ragg'dy dirt
In de suburbean out-skirt
Of ol' manhattin',
Traffick pattin'
Near de gay white way!

I gets clammy, sayin' 'mammy'
I gets chills all up my spine!
I gets wistful,
Wit a fistful
Of ve-ne-she-um bline!

Jes' like tuggin' on de heart-strings!
Jes' like dem lil' ol' fallin' apart things,
Jes' like whatevuh dat is rotten,
We has sho'ly not fo-gotten
How t'pretend to sing!

Now, deys hope,
We ain't gwine die!
Only de suckers forced t'buy
Dem 'spensive tickets we be sellin' at de do'!
Now we got broadway zombie mammys!
We gots an' ugly, ugly o'phan annie!
An' de traditium will go on, 'n on, 'n on

I loves t'see de, see de zombie fly!
Yes sir!
It sorta makes me, makes ya wanna cry!
'cause we is broadway!
We's expensive,
An' we can't,
I said we can't...
Yes sir!
You're too kind!