Fell, Destroyed

Fell, Destroyed

Here's a list of side effects
Practice tested
Covering every malice angle
For example you will sleep forever
You will never sleep again
Yawn, to yawn, your face is born to mask
the shade of shit you're in
Now it's time to fake resignments
room assignment
Next door to the generator
What the fuck it is? Whatever
Powers, lights, to burn all night
Your teeth to grind, to grind so fine
You'll find out sooner what it is
Ring the alarm or you're sold to dying
Fell, destroyed and long out used, step into it
Green in laying water blue
Shall not shaken
Cop a feeling coprophagics
Say next in line: "Well, how about you?"
Freedom's fiction, sorry, fifteen
time to sell the softer shoe
Ring the alarm or you're sold to dying
Yes, a I have a sense of humor
Don't you sense my sense of humor?
(Respects to Tenor Saw)