Already Missing You
Gerald Levert

Already Missing You

Aw girl, what`s up?
Aw, not again
So you`re packin` your bags
And you`re leaving? But that ain`t right
You need to stay awhile, think about it
But wait a minute, before you go
There`s just one thing I want you to know

We both agree that this love ain`t what it used to be
We just grew apart
I got nothin` but love for you, baby
Girl, you`ll always be my heart
It`s gonna to be strange living without you

Ain`t felt so empty before, no
See, I miss your smile
And even your fussin`
When I left my clothes on the floor
Oh, baby, say now

1 - I`m gonna miss your face
I`m gonna miss your moods
I`m gonna miss makin` love to you

And even though you haven`t gone yet
I`m already missing you
I`m already missing you

It`s hard to say goodbye
But things will be better
You go your way, and I will go mine

Let`s keep in touch
Let me know how you`re doing
Girl, things will change in time

Don`t want you to leave
Keep sayin` I`m sorry
But I guess I`m repeating myself

Girl, you know I`m here
When you need a shoulder
I can`t see you in the arms of someone else
Oh baby