A Little Game
God Is My Co-Pilot

[Every word true!]

When I was a little girl we had this little game but you're never too old, too old to have fun.
"What is it?"
"Give me a minute. Give me a clue"
"Time's up, come on Siobhan, what is it?"
"It's a pencil!"
"OK, my turn."
"Not so hard!
"Mmmm, it's warm."
"What is it? What is it?"
"It better not be your finger, we said no fingers."
"Come on, I give up."
"It's my toe"
"Oooh... get it out"
It's more fun with a friend, but you can play it alone when you're the only one home. Q-tips are small, but I put in two or three. Watch with the mirror and move them real quickly. The handle of a hairbrush. Or my electric shaver. Fisher-Price people.