Mary Ann
God Is My Co-Pilot

A girl gave me a cookie
I was walking down the street
And a girl gave me a cookie
And I said "you're cute!"

You see, that's the ticket
If you feed me, you're cute
I leraned that from my cat
Who calls me the girl who feeds her from a can

I love my cat very much
And vicey-versey, I'm quite sure

I see a flock of sheep
In the midst a little lamb
I wish my Mary Ann were here
I miss my Mary Ann

Midnight, with your tummy in the air
I find black fur everywhere
You're asleep everyplace that I look
Across the pages of my book

When we're fast asleep
The dolls wake up to play
With all the little creatures
That never see the day
Then Midnight comes a-hunting
& scares them all away!