Meanwhile... Fly
God Is My Co-Pilot

Meanwhile.... I was living at a time of many alternates the planet Earth that I was on was receiving signals from the future planet Earth saying that we would have to kill almost the entire population or the future would be doomed.

We didn't ask questions we went straight to work to save the future, and soon almost everyone was dead.
I remember riding my bike through the neighborhood seeing only a few people.
Everyone was smiling and waving at each other it was a sunny day and then suddenly I could feel it, we could all feel it. We had lost the future.
What had gone wrong?
We were slowly beginning to fade.
We called an emergency meeting to deal with this latest crisis.
Our leader was a big bald-headed man.
Big bald was convinced that we would have to kill more people in order to regain the future.
"But who" he said "who would do the killing? I t can't be me, I am no soldier, I'm just a genius"
But since we had killed off all the soldiers already we had to try to convince him that there should be no more killing.
The arguments were deeply involved and long winded.
And before the meeting was over we had all disappeared.

Meanwhile, one of the boys from Glasshouse needed a tube to be surgically sewn into his throat because some rats had stolen the esophagus.
His doctor told him that if he could find a decent piece of tubing in a dumpster that he would do the surgery for free.

Meanwhile my television set was jumped and brainwashed while I lay sleeping I dreamed that I saw my virtual self on the screen tempted, tortured, crucified and resurrected when I awoke I had the power to use television to heal.
Meanwhile there was a storm inside my head I was watching a TV screen that was transmitting a message to me about poisoned food "everywhere in stores now everywhere" it was saying.
The screen fed me information like it was Twinkies.
Faster and faster.
And the more I took in, the less I liked the taste of it. I was reaching a critical intake of virtual nutrition but all I could fell was a cancerous hunger that would consume me.
The screen was telling me to report everything to anyone to everyone my forehead at my third eye started to bleed from the pressure of knowing so much about nothing.
I marked my face with red war stripes from the blood suddenly a boy was thrown into my room as if to a wild animal.
He said to me "I don't know how to help you"
I jumped on him and consumed him ravenously with my vagina.
I was wild and blind and starving.
My room had become a den, around me lay the rotten corpses of all my bright ideas. Meanwhile...