Great Halls of Fire

gotta do what it takes
to become the hellhound
send that package of badass blitz
down your fucking spine
you've gotta know gotta flow
to sing sing sing sing hi ho
get a piece of the action
a little attraction it's friday night

so you're bitter and your life is a bore
you'd better get up goin' twist a little more

take a swing wanna sing wanna dance
put on hold, it's so cold am i getting old ?
i'll write a summer song in pure desperation
i'm looking out and the train has left the station

do you know what it takes
to pass by unsound?
it's like livin' the wind's life somehow
do you really wanna do that now?
but i don't want i don't hunt
that damned damned damned cold ride
i want heat i want beat
i want to sin in my life

turning left turning left turning right
i am ease i am sleaze a bit of dynamite
so i was told that seeing is believin'
well i don't know but i haven't got this feeling